Filmme Fatales is a quarterly print zine about
the places where film and feminism intersect.
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Submissions are open for issue #5 of Filmme Fatales

Issue #5 of Filmme Fatales is all about POWER. Who has it, who wants it, who deserves it, and who’ll go to any lengths to get it. Think of the supernatural and super rich kids and social hierarchies and boss ladies.

Some ideas to get your brain juices flowing: Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her, Miss Piggy, Jackie Brown, Nancy’s misuse of power (both social and supernatural) in The Craft, Heathers, the closing credits to Jennifer’s Body, A League of Their Own, M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias (hell, anything Sally Field has ever done), The Hours.

Please send story ideas and examples of past written work to by May 2.

Artists and photographers: please send relevant examples of your work to by May 10.