Filmme Fatales is a quarterly print zine about
the places where film and feminism intersect.
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The debut issue of Filmme Fatales was made with love, patience, and a free trial of InDesign. It began as a way to discuss how women fit into film - both onscreen and behind the scenes. This is issue #1 and it focuses specifically on women in their 20s.

It is 66 pages long, includes four full colour pages of photographs from the incredible Valerie Chiang, and a full colour illustrated centrefold by Kat Phillimore.

It features pieces by Adri Murguia, Jonah D. Ansell, Ariel Katz, Sinead Stubbins, Nathania Gilson, Greta Parry, Gemma Flynn, Bronny Zigmond, Karys McEwen, Sally Tabart, Lauren Vadnjal, Hannah Williamson, Flavia Browne and Hannah Joyner.

The zine’s founder and editor Brodie Lancaster also wrote some stuff for it, as well as interviewing Mae Whitman. Who? Her? YES HER.

It includes artwork by Valerie Chiang, Kat Phillimore, Anton De Ionno and Emma Do.

You can expect to read articles about Brit Marling, Nicole Holofcener’s Walking and Talking, Lena Dunham, Reality Bites, how pornography affects women’s sex lives, Megan Fox and the women in Iranian cinema.

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